CS Series Ultra

Introducing the new “Ultra” range of cylinders , developed specifically for 44-50T GVW’s to provide the lightest possible cylinder solution with no compromise on strength or safety.

With weight reductions of between 10 and 30kg against the already market leading Edbro CS, the new “Ultra” range sets even higher industry standards further optimising customers payloads.

This new “Ultra” range uses lighter weight trunnions, optimised tube sections and higher grade materials to maintain strength whilst delivering considerable weight savings, Edbro products have always been developed with “ Lighter, Faster, Stronger” in mind and the “Ultra” range simply takes tipping technology to a whole new level.

Our reputation is built on results and on almost 100 years of experience in supplying the most reliable cylinders on the market. The number one consideration when designing new tipping technology is safety, closely followed by reliability, the development of the “Ultra” range delivers on both counts and is guaranteed to meet our customers expectation of ‘fit and forget’ reliability.


Improved Design
The Key Benefits of the new “Ultra” range:

  • Up to 100kg weight saving against 

  • Market leading safety and strength
  • New low friction bearings provide smoother lowering
  • Fully interchangeable with the current CS range and with competitors models


For a full list of features go to the Cylinder Technology page.


Increased payloads – Increased profits

  • Up to 100kg against competitors
  • Optimised tube sections
  • New lightweight trunnion


Even faster tipping speeds

  • New low friction bearings for smoother lowering
  • Large contact faces allow fast tipping


Greater lift and side load capacity

  • Market leading safety standards
  • High strength materials & cutting edge production processes

Model Range and Mounting Options

Various mounting options are available including:

  • Cover
  • Trunnion
  • Spherical or plain eye
Model code Lift capacity (t) Max. stroke capacity (mm)
CS07 7-11 3195
CS10 16-22 6209
CS11 17-24 8471
CS13 18-31 8441
CS15 22-45 10527
CS17 24-60 10483
CS18 35-60 10483
CS19 38-70 11545
CS22 67-90 11545

Detailed specification sheets are available. Refer to Edbro to confirm your cylinder choice. An extensive range of cylinder stokes is available to suit each application.

Refer to Edbro for more information.

Hydraulic Kit Solutions

Hydraulic kit solutions available to optimise cylinder performance. For full details check out the Hydraulic Kit Solutions page.