DLS – Durable Leaf Suspension the conventional leaf spring system

The Durable Leaf Suspension trailer axle (DLS) is the perfect suspension solution for all trailer applications with a 10.5t axle load. The DLS installation combines proven steel leaf springs, standard airbags and shock absorbers with conventional axle beam and wheel end technology.

This axle system is suitable for on and off highway use. The DLS is suitable for most 22.5” wheel applications (axle type TZ5/2) and 19.5" wheel applications (axle type TZ3/2) with 19.5" brake. The intelligent arrangement of wheel hub and brake disc ensures optimal heat management. The brake disc is made of wear-proof alloy (Mercedes-Benz Patent) and all wear parts are structurally identical with those used on the Mercedes-Benz truck axles. This ensures simplified maintenance, increased safetyand low lifecycle costs.

The reliable and quick supply of original spare parts through the JOST distribution network is also available for DSL axles. In addition to the spare parts for the 10.5 t DLS axles, JOST Achsen Systeme also offers spare parts for 9 t DLS axles that are no longer in serial production.


The 9 t axle types TL5/1, TL4/1, TE5/1/2/3, TE4/1/2/3, TZ5/1/3/4 and TZ4/1/2/3 are supplied to the same high quality you are accustomed to.