Replacement axle for DLS axles

1. Axle replacement

You will receive a replacement axle that is customized to suit your wheel track with wheel hub unit, brake and welded spring saddles, if required. (Scope of delivery, see Figure). You can request them from your distributor.

An order for replacement axles and/or replacement axle cas­ings requires the inclusion of the “serial no.” and/or “SN” from the type plate of the axle. Model and/or axle descriptions are insufficient because the various specifications, such as wheel/spring link combinations, cannot be identified with this information and spare parts can thereby not be identified.

If it is not possible to determine the spare part, contact the vehicle manufacturer and/or our Service Hotline.

Please order the appropriate repair sets for the bolted connections to mount hanger brackets and shock absorbers. (see from page 38)

Pivot bolts and shock absorber fasteners are installed with torque/angle tightening methods. The material of bolted connections may be damaged after unbolting. Never re-use these fasteners. Always replaced with new Jost original quality parts.


For questions about spare parts please contact: 
JOST-Werke Deutschland GmbH
Phone: +49 6102 295-0

For technical questions about maintenance & repair please contact:
JOST Achsen Systeme GmbH
Phone: +49 5674 9237-240