A new dimension of economic efficiency

The perfect interface between tractor an semitrailer leads to increase in efficiency of the tractor-trailer combination.

The wide range of individual aerodynamic options reduces wind resistance over the entire vehicle combination and protects the environment.


TrailerEfficiency combines a whole host of efficiency-enhancing trailer components, designed to achieve maximum fuel savings, reducing the impact on our environment whilst improving your cost base.

Air dam

An air dam at the front wall of the trailer reduces the free space between the tractor and the semitrailer, reducing air turbulence in this area and lowering wind resistance.

In front of the pallet box under the trailer, there is an additional air dam whose distinctive profile stabilises the airflow under the trailer.

Side skirts

As in the design study, the plastic side skirts are slightly curved. They reduce turbulence under and alongside the vehicle, thus making a significant contribution to reducing wind resistance.

Rear diffuser

The striking rear diffuser has the shape of a trapezium and links up with the underbody panelling. The side trim panels channel the air flow past them in the direction of the rear diffuser. 

The diffuser encloses the rear underride guard and accommodates the rear lights. It also reduces air turbulence at the rear of the trailer, thus cutting both wind resistance and fuel consumption

Boat tail

A boat tail with end flaps measuring up to 500 mm in length and positioned at an angle helps reduce wind resistance at the trailer rear even further. The folding elements facilitate access to the load compartment without compromising either the handling or manoeuvrability of the tractor-trailer combination.