QT HV 200

Technical Specification

Secure cross-member correctly, as well as fitting suitablecentre supports on vehicle to provide vertical load support for the entire weight of the container.

Selection table / available versions

Rec. gross container weight* max. A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Weight (kg) Inner parts identical with Order No. Drawing No.
18.000 200 67 285.5 110.8 VA 16 QT HV200 410.181.000

* Depends on the centre to centre distance between the longitudinal supports.

Locking parts galvanised, welding assemblies primend, mounted

QT HV 200

Item Description Order No.
1 Locking pin 915.000.137
2 Guide bush 915.000.178
3 Outer bush 915.000.177
4 Locking nut 915.000.127
5 Locking ring 915.000.190