General information

Order information

Please quote the Order No. and, if applicable, the Drawing No. when placing an order.


Storage, transport, handling

If supplied parts are not unpacked and installed immediately after arrival,
they are to be stored in a dry place until they are installed.

JOST products are transported in cartons, a grid box or on a disposable
or Euro pallet, depending on their dimensions and weight


Additional documentation

Additional technical documents for JOST products are available on request.
They contain information on installation recommendations, construction notes
and new products as well as about other parts that are not shown in this catalogue


Terms of guarantee


JOST guarantees perfect dimensionsal and material conditions, as well
as the correct functioning of the components for intermodal transports
for a period of two years.


Guarantee claims

Requirements for claims under guarantee are:

• Compliance with the instructions on the technical data sheets provided
by JOST, proof of correct storage and compliance with our mounting,
operating and maintenance instructions using genuine JOST spare parts.
• Immediate communication of your claim and, where necessary,
the return of the faulty products to JOST.
• The immediate and full completion of the technical
questionnaire supplied by JOST.
• Giving JOST the opportunity to investigate the problem and /
or carry out tests on site, as well as measures to reduce damage
according to the estimation of JOST.


Exceptions to the guarantee

• The company ordering products from JOST is to decide on their
suitability for the intended application.
• Surface damage, for instance caused by defective top plates,
impacts during coupling or groove marks to the permitted wear
limit are excluded from the guarantee.
The same applies to damage caused by prohibited operating conditions,
as well as subsequently modified fifth wheel couplings.
• Claims under the guarantee are restricted to repair or replacement.
Claims for consequential damage are excluded.
• The guarantee period commences with the transfer of risk.
• Our General Commercial Terms and Conditions also apply.