F 10 SK-RV

Technical Specification

Application: Intermodal vehicle

rec. gross container weight: max. 10.000 kg

Locking pin: Ø 38 mm [Not compatible with ISO.]

can be screwed down, non-retractable

Ball locks must be submitted to regular function tests and
lubricated/oiled if necessary.


* Locking nut loose 91

Selection table / Available versions

Weight (kg) Condition at delivery Order No. Drawing No.
6.7 unmounted F 10 SK-RV 905.188.000



The F10 SK-R lock may only be used with the CC012 corner casting
since the dimensions of the locking pin are not compatible with the
base openings of corner castings in accordance with ISO 1161

F 10 SK-RV

Item Description Remark Order No.
1 Housing incl. Item 5 905.000.117
2 Locking pin 915.000.252
3 Locking nut 915.000.077
4 Locking ring 915.000.190
5 Ball lock 905.000.143