F 17 SKA-70 V

Technical Specification

Application: Intermodal vehicle and container chassis

rec. gross container weight: max. 30.500 kg

Locking pin: Ø 38 mm [ISO]

can be screwed down, non-retractable

Casing raw, mounting parts galvanised, screwable latch on face

Selection table / Available versions

Weight (kg) Condition at delivery Order No. Drawing No.
7.6 unmounted F 17 SKA-70 V 905.137.000

F 17 SKA-70 V

Item Description Comment Order No.
1 Housing incl. Item 10-12 914.000.179
2 Locking pin 915.000.193
6 Locking nut 915.000.208
7 Locking ring 915.000.190

Spare parts kit

Item Description Order No.
10,11,12 Latch kit 905.159.500