Twist locks


Condition at delivery twist locks
• The lock kit casings are primed.
• The innerparts of the twist locks are galvanised.
• Lock kits are delivered mounted.
• Possible differences are shown in the dimension sheet

Versions and mounting parts twist locks
As a main distinguishing feature twist locks either can be lowered or cannot be lowered.

Structure of an twist lock

Individual parts of an twist lock

retractable and non-retractable twist lock

Load details for twist locks and bolsters

The basis for the load details is provided by static test bench tests that comply with the JOST testing standard.

The details for the maximum gross container weight only apply:

  • For securing and transporting standard containers, such as freight containers that comply with ISO 1496, interchangeable containers that comply with EN 284 or EN 452 or directly comparable versions.
  • If at least four twist locks of the same load group are used for each container.
  • For almost uniform load distribution (load in the interchangeable container).
  • For transport on metalled roads.

The details for the maximum gross container weight do not apply:

  • To special applications, such as crane bodies, tipping containers, etc.