Automatic lubricator

Technical Specification

All users of low-maintenance JOST couplings can save time and money by fitting an automatic lubricator because it will grease the fifth wheel lock jaw for up to six months.

Due to the unavoidable dirt and corrosion that affect the top plate and king pin in every use, we recommend the following:

• Clean at regular intervals

• Apply a thin film of grease to the coupling plate

• Grease the fifth wheel coupling pin and lock jaw

• Use an automatic lubricator

This servicing work must be completed at least every 50,000 km or every six months, in tough operating conditions every 25,000 km. The automatic lubricator supplies the lock jaw with the required grease through the connection at the edge of the fifth wheel coupling plate. Please also see the mounting and operating instructions for the automatic lubricator.


Order No.: SK 3108-012


Wear Limit Gauges 08/2016