Wear limit gauges 2“ and 3 ½“

Technical Specification

The JOST wear limit gauge may be a valuable tool for you. The lock on JOST fifth wheel couplings is adjusted at the factory to provide initial horizontal play of approx. 0.3 mm in the direction of travel with a new king pin.

This longitudinal play may increase to 2 mm as a result of wear on the lock jaw or wearing ring. JOST fifth wheel couplings offer stageless adjustment to compensate for wear in the coupling lock. Only when this adjustment distance has been exhausted the fifth wheel coupling has to be repaired. The JOST wear limit gauge makes it possible to determine whether the lock on a 2" or 3½" JOST fifth wheel coupling or a 2" or 3½" king pin has reached or exceeded the permitted wearing limit while the coupling is disconnected and closed.

Your advantage

  • A wear gauge for everything – for the fifth wheel coupling locking mechanism as well as for the king pin
  • Simplifies the wear and tear examination and saves time
  • Light and easy to handle


Note: Further instructions for testing when coupled are given in the JOST repair instructions for fifth wheel couplings.

Wear limit gauge

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Wear Limit Gauges 08/2016