Telescopic landing gears

Modul B – Standard

  • Tried-and-tested standard telescopic landing gear
  • The modular construction allows universal application

Aluminium landing gear Modul CA

  • Weight-optimised
  • Premium telescopic landing gears in aluminium design
  • Greatest possible weight advantage for telescopic landing gears
  • Ideally suited for tank and silo vehicles

Special telescopic landing gears Modul C

  • Modul C special telescopic landing gears for special applications
  • Especially compact telescopic landing gears with large ground clearance
  • Drawbar landing gears with pivot bearings for use in combination with central axle trailers and dollies
  • Especially robust telescopic landing gears for heavy duty applications
  • Telescopic landing gear with low-lying connection shaft, especially for tank and silo trailers
  • Stabilisation landing gear for rear support and level regulation.

Drop leg FS 075

  • Ideal for applications that require low weight and where uncoupling is rarely needed.


Two-sided operation

All telescopic landing gears in our Modul series which are used in a set with a connection shaft are also available with two-sided operation with a special crank. Operation by two people reduces the manual force required to 110 N (at 16t lifting capacity) – operation by a single person from the right or left is also possible.