Modul CA

Advantages at a glance

• Weight-optimised
• Especially suited to tank and silo vehicles
• Low maintenance – no need to lubricate the spindle
• Innovative A-foot with a large contact area and a particularly long drift
• Continuous back plate for high variability during installation

Technical Features

• High-quality, especially light aluminium
• Integrated lubricant cartridge
• As two side operation with special handle available
• Aluminium landing gears are delivered in untreated form (natural aluminium)

Technical Specification

Drift A-foot: 160 mm
Contact area A-foot: 85mm x 180mm

Not suitable for heavy-duty use, e.g. in ro-ro transport

Selection table / Versions available

Order No. Foot Weight (kg) Back plate M (mm) H (mm) G (mm)
CA101420000 A 65,0 full length 900 470 695
CA102420000 A 62,5 full length 850 420 645
CA103420000 A 60,0 full length 800 370 595
CA104420000 A 57,5 full length 750 320 545


Mounting kit                                                     JS E020.001
Intermediate layer for corrosion protection     JS2118-0003
(for the joints between the support and the vehicle frame)

Technical Data (per kit)

Characteristic Value
Lifting capacity 24 t
Static load 50 t
Lift per turn of handle  
- Low gear 0,9 mm
- High gear 15,0 mm
Crank force at 16 t lifiting capacity 210 N


Please order crank handle and connection shaft separately, see general information.