Modul CC

Advantages at a glance

  • Extremely compact installation
  • Maximum stroke combined with low mounting height

Technical Features

  • Full length back plate
  • Rigid sand shoe
  • Also available with two side operation and special crank

Technical Specification

* Brace lugs will be supplied unassembled.

Note: Dimensions A, B, C and E, see General information.

Selection table / Versions available

Order No. M(mm) H(mm) P (mm) Back plate Foot
CC106470000 650 430 648 full length T rigid
CC108470000 600 400 598 full length T rigid
CC109470000 550 350 548 full length T rigid
CC110470000 500 300 498 full length T rigid
CC111470000 450 250 448 full length T rigid

Technical Data (per set)

Characteristic Value
Lifting capacity 24 t
Static load 50 t
Lifting capacity and static load by use of the  
swivel bearings JS E010.014 and JS E010.015 10 t
Lift per turn of handle  
- Low gear 0,9 mm
- High gear 15,0 mm
Crank force at 16 t super imposed load 210 N


Please order crank handle and connection shaft separately, see general information

Special Accessories

Order No. Description
JS E010.014 Swivel bearing right
JS E010.015 Swivel bearing left
JS E020.005 Bolt kit (12 bolts and nuts)
Swivel bearing left
Swivel bearing right