Modul CS

Advantages at a glance

  • Stabilising leg or liquid and bulk tippers (rear) 
  • Support while unloading
  • Levelling due to two seperate landing gears
  • Low maitenance because of integrated lubricant cartridge
  • High degree of installation variability thanks to double bolt hole pattern
  • Additional spindle nut
    - Additional protection against wear and tear
    - Minimal risk of accidents

Technical Features

  • Protected against wear by fully sealed gearbox and reinforced inner tube
  • Full length back plate for high variability during installation
  • Reinforcement for maximum bending strength
  • Heavy duty shaft for better shock resistance
  • Secure stand due to reinforced rigid foot

Technical Specification


* Bracing lugs are supplied loose


Dimensions A, B and C, see general information.
Also available without brace lugs on request

Selection table / Versions available

Order No. M (mm) H (mm) P (mm) Back plate Foot
CS 1044700R 750 470 728 full length T rigid
CS 1054700R 700 380 678 full length T rigid
CS 1064700R 650 380 628 full length T rigid
CS 1084700R 600 330 578 full length T rigid
CS 1094700R 550 280 528 full length T rigid

Technical Data (per piece / set)

Characteristic Value
Lifting capacity 12 t/ 24 t
Static load 33 t / 66 t
Lift per turn of handle  
- Low gear 0,9 mm
- High gear 15,0 mm
Crank force at 8 t lifting capacity 110 N


Please order crank handle separately, see general information.

Two stabiliser legs are required per trailer.

There is no cross shaft.