Advantages at a glance

  • Sensor provides safe locking mechanism check
  • Simple coupling control – through a blinking LED display – even under low visibility

Technical Features

  • Optical locking display, directly on the fifth wheel coupling
  • 3 year life span
  • Simple installation and replacement of the Flashtronic, no wiring necessary
  • Designed for installation on JSK 42
  • Electronic fill level control with an LED display
  • Equipment approval according to 72/245/EEC (2005/83/EC Amendment) and dangerous goods guidelines

Flashtronic Functions

  • The LED light is off when the fifth wheel coupling is uncoupled.
  • The Flashtronic indicates coupling lock of the fifth wheel coupling immediately after coupling through a yellow LED light.
  • The integrated LED light blinks once each second.
  • After 10 minutes, the frequency of the blinking is reduced and the LED blinks only once every 5 seconds.

Flashtronic Components

• Sensor element in the handle area of the fifth wheel coupling

• Special handle with the actuating magnet for the sensor


Also available for additional models in the JSK 42 series

Technical Specification

Sensor coupling system in accordance with the ECE R55-01, TÜ.EGG.095-05, DIN 74081, ISO 3842, ECE R10 directives/standards. Suited for picking up 2” kingpins (class G50) in accordance with ECE R55-01, DIN 74080, ISO 337 and steering wedges in accordance with ECE R55-01, DIN 74085.

Spare Parts

Item Description Remark Order No. per set
01 Electronic locking display SKE004350000 1
02 Flashtronic handle SKE001360600 1
03 Spare part kit mounting SKE004410000 1

Repair and retrofit kits

Item Description Order No. per set
01, 02, 03 Retrofit kit SKE004350100 -






Mounting and Operating Instructions
FlashTronic 07/2012
Fleet Master Handle 09/2013
FlashTronic Safe locking check with sensor 01/2009