KKS (Automatic coupling system)

KKS automates the coupling process and features electronic monitoring for improved safety.

Additional comfort

  • No need to operate the fifth wheel coupling manually. KKS makes problems such as poor visibility, dirt or difficult access a thing of the past.
  • No need to crank the landing gear manually. KKS performs this strenuous activity for you automatically
  • Reduces the number of times you need to get in and out of your truck and walk round it.
  • The automatic feature saves time when changing trailers.
  • The pneumatic mechanism of the lock enables the fifth wheel coupling to be opened effortlessly at all times, even when the tractor/trailer unit is under tension.

Increased safety

  • All system components are electronically monitored. This significantly reduces the risk of an incorrect coupling procedure or an accident due to lack of care when coupling.
  • Fewer manual operations and less getting in and out of your cab add up to a significantly reduced risk of accidents for the user.
  • The system is continuously self-monitoring.
  • All components can still be operated mechanically without restrictions.

Modular system

  • KKS can be introduced and rolled out gradually throughout the fleet.
  • It goes without saying that a standard trailer can be hitched up to a truck equipped with KKS without any problems.

Cable drum

The cable drum adapts the length of cable when cornering and ensures that the tension on the cable is always at the optimum level.


The drive fits on every pair of JOST telescopic landing gear with a connection shaft, excepting those with folding and drop legs. It is pushed onto the connecting shaft and is responsible for moving the landing gear units automatically. The kit contains an articulated crank handle that is designed for the JOST landing gear type Modul.


The wedge is in a rotating bearing on the king pin. This is where the interface to the fifth wheel coupling is located. Signals are transmitted between the truck and the trailer via this interface.

JSK 42

The JSK 42 fifth wheel coupling is pneumatically operated and is equipped with three sensors. The first of these provides information about the correct connecting height and switches the system on automatically during the connecting process. The second controls the position of the king pin and the third checks the locking position. The newly developed interface provides contact with the semitrailer.

Remote control

The remote control in the cab checks whether the fifth wheel coupling is locked and displays this information in the cab. It also monitors the lifting and lowering of the landing gear units and checks both the coupling plate distance and the position of the king pin. All actions are controlled using the remote control.

KKS Automatic coupling system

KKS Automatic coupling system

Systematic safety

KKS automates the coupling process and features electronic monitoring for improved safety.