JSK 36

Advantages at a glance

  • Sensors provide best possible safety during the coupling process
  • Increased safety even in poor visibility
  • A remote display processes the signal and displays it in the driver’s cab

    Technical Features

    • A sensor permanently monitors the connection status
    • Second sensor controls the position of the king pin
    • An additional third sensor monitors the contact with the skid plate and increases safety and convenience during the coupling process.
    • The sensors are located in protected zones on non-moving parts
    • Electromagnetical compatibility according to highest standards
    • Also suitable for use in the transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

      A = sensor for connection status
      B = sensor for king pin
      C = sensor for coupling height

      * Sensor couplings in the standard version JSK 36, JSK 37 and JSK 42 are complete sets, which means that remote display (SKE501620200) and cable set (SKE002110300) are included in the delivery.

      For using sensor coupling versions MB, RT and VT, the truck has to be prepared ex factory for sensors by the manufacturer.

      Selection table / Versions available Plate coupling

      Order No. H (mm) D value (kN) Imposed load U(t) Weight (kg) Customer hole pattern Approval (ECE) ZL WA Version
      JSK 36 DV 20 C6 AA 150 152 20 122 DIN E1 55R-01 0301 J M Standard*
      JSK 36 DV 31 C6 AA 172 152 20 125 DIN E1 55R-01 0301 J M Standard*
      JSK 36 DV 38 C6 AA 185 152 20 127 DIN E1 55R-01 0301 J M Standard*
      JSK 36 DV 47 C6 AA 205 152 20 128 DIN E1 55R-01 0301 J M Standard*
      JSK 36 DV 57 C6 AA 225 152 20 130 DIN E1 55R-01 0301 J M Standard*

      available with

      Technical Specification

      Sensor coupling system in accordance with the ECE R55-01, TÜ.EGG.095-05, DIN 74081, ISO 3842, ECE R10 directives/standards. Suited for picking up 2” king pins (class G50) in accordance with ECE R55-01, DIN 74080, ISO 337 and steering wedges in accordance with ECE R55-01, DIN 74085.


      WA / Maintenance
      W = Low-maintenance version
      M = Manual lubrication
      Z = Prepared for central lubrication
      LT1P = LubeTronic 1Point

      ZL / Handle length
      J = Long handle

      Also available for additional models in the JSK 36 • JSK 37 • JSK 40 • JSK 42 series