RO*100 + RO243 / 243 U 115 E

Technical data

Multifunctional alternating system for transporter, cross-country vehicles and buses, in connection with pin hitch, hook trailer hitch, hitch ball, suitable for towbar bracket systems and work devices

Available versions

Loading condition A, B
D (kN)
Dc (kN)
S (kg)
V (kN)
ROE100C01511 83 x 56 30 18 250 12,0 4,1 E1 55R-01 0031
ROE100C01511 83 x 56 30 30 250 8,4 4,1 E1 55R-01 0031


Important note: The lowest admissible loading values resulting from the structural units combination of vehicle, VARIOBLOC and the hitch are not to be exceeded.