LV-O Independent air suspension


The TRIDEC independent wheel suspension LV-O (non-steered) is an advanced wheel suspension that makes it possible to create more load space in a trailer. In addition to being deployed in double-decker vehicles, both trailers and semi-trailers, the LV-O can also be used for transporting glass and concrete panels. The LV-O has also been implemented successfully in car and boat transporters as well as in forklift and animal transpor.

Noticeable savings

  • 54 euro pallets instead of 33
  • 30% more rolling containers
  • Two load decks
  • 2 Euro pallets between the wheels
  • More than 110 m3 load space
  • Reduction of axle spacing to 1310 mm
  • 1620 mm width between the wheels
  • No axle body between the wheels
  • Ground clearance is maintained
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Improvement of safety through low centre-of-gravity
  • Reduction of per-kilometer cost price per pallet
  • CO2 reduction

Unique design

The LV-O is a unique construction that has been designed so there is no axle housing between the wheels. With a total trailer height of 4 meters, it is now possible to create two load floors, both of which are 1.83 m high, without compromising the ground clearance. The two load floors provide over 100 m³ of load space. With a vehicle width of 2550 mm, it is possible to achieve a width of 1620 mm between the wheel boxes, which is sufficient to accommodate two Euro pallets. This arrangement does not require the tires to protrude beyond the wheel wells at all. With a distance of 1310 mm, more load surface remains in the vehicle.