DL-S independent suspension for semi-trailers and low loaders

DL-S Dual Lever Suspension

With the DL-S independent suspension from TRIDEC, semi-trailers and low loaders can now be approved with an axle load of 12 tons (certificate of exemption in accordance with §70 StVZO). This allows the workload of the vehicle to be increased considerably. The combination of the DL-S independent suspension and hydraulic steering makes the trailer very agile (up to 57° steering angle), using the smallest possible installation space for the DL-S independent suspension. The higher permissible axle load also enables the construction of vehicles with fewer axles – this results in advantages for low loaders and extendible vehicles.

Noticeable savings

  • Higher load capacity
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Covered hydraulic cylinder piston rod
  • Less tyre wear
  • Low maintenance
  • Very low loading height possible
  • Covered hydraulic cylinder piston rod
  • Very good driving characteristics, even at higher speeds
  • High driving and roll stability

Higher load capacity

  • The compact construction of the DL-S independent suspension creates additional room for the central frame and enables a lighter construction. The loading capacity per axle is furthermore considerably increased (payload).
  • Depending on the desired steering angle, the resulting available width for the central frame lies between 500 mm (57º steering angle) and a maximum of 650 mm at a vehicle width of 2,550 mm. The maximum height for the central frame is 500 mm.

DL-S independent suspension for semi-trailers and low loaders


  • The principle is based on a 2 separate wheel supports, each supported by two suspension arms.
  • The construction is unique because the lower suspension arm is mounted in cross direction and the upper one longitudinal.
  • The wheel bearing and brake are based on standard components.
  • The rubber bearings of the hydraulic cylinder and suspension arms are low maintenance.
  • Good compensating characteristics due to large spring travel: 100 mm in, 200 mm out.
  • The dual-effect hydraulic cylinder offers the option of a lift axle.
  • Automatic height control with TRITRONIC.
  • Ideally compatible with TRIDEC steering system.
  • Chassis mounting parts for DL-S independent suspension and TRIDEC steering system available.